The History of Novoferm

Founded 1955
In 1955 Isselwerk Werth GmbH was founded by Mr. Sandscheper and Mr. Hoffmann in Isselburg-Werth. The production programme comprised products of general metal and steel construction such as doors, garage doors, railings, windows, distributing rollers and steel shelves.

Haldern 1962 – 1990
In 1962 Mr. Sandscheper and Mr. Hoffmann established the steel door production in Haldern. The plant in Haldern was built up and a production for fire-resistant doors started. The activities in Werth and Haldern merged into one company under the name Isselwerke GmbH & Co. KG in 1970. In the same year the Hoesch AG acquired 25 % of the company?s shares and took over 100 % in 1990.

Internationalized 1991
Internationalization of activities began with the acquisition of Julien Redois S.A. and Soferba S.A. in France – now Novoferm France S.A. – and foundation of Novoferm Espana S.A. in 1991. Isselwerke GmbH & Co. KG was renamed into “Novoferm GmbH” one year later. Furthermore, shares of the Dutch manufacturer of industrial doors Debo Holding B.V. were acquired in 1992, and sales companies in the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary and Switzerland were set up. Step by step Siebau Siegener Stahlbauten GmbH and Riexinger Türenwerke GmbH also became members of Novoferm as from 1993. With Novoferm Belgium N.V. a sales subsidiary in Belgium was established (1994), and so was a sales company for industrial doors in France (1996). The Italian door producer Schievano S.r.l. was also acquired in 1996, a sales subsidiary was built up in Greece and Novoferm entered into a joint venture with Novoferm Alsal S.A. in Spain. Sales companies in Great Britain, Romania and the Czech Republic opened in the following year. Moreover, a French producer of fire-resistant doors, Lutermax S.A., was acquired. One year later, a most up-to-date European plant for sectional doors was ceremonially opened in Dortmund.

Novoferm Continues to grow 2000
Novoferm took a 50 % share in the Dong Bang Steel Door Inc., South Korea, in 2000, and acquired the operator manufacturer tormatic GmbH in 2001. In 2003 followed establishments of companies in Denmark and Croatia as well as the foundation of NovoPort GmbH, a sales company for garage doors and operators in Austria.

Japanese Sanwa Holdings Corp 2003
The entire Novoferm Group was sold to the Japanese Sanwa Holdings Corp. (presently Sanwa Holdings Corporation) by ThyssenKrupp in 2003. With Novoferm CIS a sales subsidiary was set up in Russia, and further shares of the service and maintenance company TST GmbH were acquired in 2004. In addition, joint ventures with AS Steelgoods GmbH (Germany), ARC d.o.o. (Slovenia) and Novoferm Balkan Inc. (Bulgaria) were founded as from 2004.

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