NEW Vertical tension spring for sectional garage doors

Easy to install, and requires less space. Doors close to perfection.

Novoferm is now supplying iso 20 and iso 45 sectional garage doors in widths up to 3000mm and heights up to 2750mm with a standard vertical tension spring system.Vertical_tension_spring

The advantages at a glance

• Easy to install; low installation height
• The spring is easy to adjust
• The horizontal tracks are shorter (require less space)
• NovoPort® is easy and fast to install
• Lower standard headroom requirement
• No requirement for additional low headroom conversation kits


1.  Interference-protected deflection pulley
The steel cables run vertically into the angular frame on interference-protected deflection pulleys mounted on ball bearings with U-shaped caster holders. This reduces the height requirement compared to the front-mounted torsion spring.

2.  New cable mount
Together with the new steel cable holder, the newly designed cable mount with integrated door guide keeps the steel cables running smoothly in the angular frame without them touching the sections.

3.  Integrated belt fastening
The newly designed moulded end piece contains an integrated fastener for the NovoPort® belt. The maintenance-free belt is fastened securely in the holder.

4.  Multiple tension spring assemblies
The tension spring garage doors are equipped with sturdy multiple tension spring assemblies. The springs are adjusted at the top end of the assembly. The vertical tension springs require less installation depth and open up new possibilities when space is confined.

5.  NovoPort® – Unique technology & flexible installation at the side
The NovoPort® operator system not only offers maximum convenience during operation, but also during installation. After all, the motor is not fixed to the ceiling like conventional operators, but simply integrated into the side garage door track – either on the left or the right depending on the structural conditions. Therefore no ceiling assembly is required and any installation problems are ruled out from the outset. All structural components are pre-assembled in the factory and matched to each other – simply install where required and you’re ready to go! You save a great deal in assembly costs – which is why the NovoPort® system costs quite a lot less when bought as a complete package.


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