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Our industry has never had fewer garage door manufacturers. The market is therefor dominated by a couple of manufacturers who supply the majority of the market.

Wouldn’t you like to have more opportunities to promote your company alongside a manufacturer who wanted to support you, who wants to help your business offer a product range that is suited to our UK market, who wants to be important to you and your business?……………..Novoferm UK are the Real Alternative. We want to talk to you about how we can help your business……look at our New range of products and our commitment to be the best we possibly can be.

Unrivalled Product Quality

1. Double-skinned insulation

Our steel sections are exclusively manufactured in a double-skinned sandwich construction and fi lled with an elastic PUR rigid foam core. This ensures higher surface stability, quieter door running and improved sound-proofing and heat insulation in comparison to single-skinned garage doors. The fl exible lip seals between the sections fi t softly even at low temperatures and prevent any heat losses and dust from penetrating.

2. Lip seals on the frame

Extra wide lip sealings on the side frame provide even better heat insulation and dirt resistance.

3. Frost-proof floor seal

A rubber profile on the bottom edge of the garage door guarantees optimum protection from water and dirt, evens out slight floor unevenness and prevents damage and injuries. The floor seal is made of high-quality EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), which is known for its high elasticity, weather resistance and long life-span.

4. Stainless-steel frame base

Novoferm sectional garage doors have a high weather resistant stainless steel frame base. Thus enabling water and impeded drainage to be able to drain off freely and also ensure that no rust can start to form on the frame over the long-term. The frame base remains brittle resistant also at low temperatures and forms a clean visual seal.

5. The Novoferm quality seal

Novoferm are part of Sanwa, one of largest door manufacturers in the world. Our company stands for great product quality and great customer service. As a Novoferm customer you will always know you chose the best

First Class Customer Service

Your business needs a supplier who manufacturers their own products in house, who listens to their customers “special” requests to produce for example…special sized or specific designed western red cedar doors. Novoferm UK produce timber garage doors in our Luton based factory.

Our daily commitment to you…. On receipt of your order we shall process your requests and overnight your email address will receive your order acknowledgment including which week we intend to deliver your order to you, your order acknowledgment is your opportunity to re-check the order you need us to produce for you. Our customer service team are waiting for your call, whatever your question they know you need our fast response to help you run your business successfully.

Once your product is ready for delivery, you will receive a phone call from your Novoferm driver to confirm a time for delivery. Our drivers also understand how important our customer is.

Quality Customer Leads

We all know the hardest part of our industry is to get the phone to ring. How much time and money have you spent in generating leads that you then need to convert into a sale?

We at Novoferm UK completely understand the importance of sales leads to any business. We have as much experience if not more than most and are proud to say we can generate sales leads that benefit your business. We have learnt many lessons and continue to do so, but we do know that the leads we provide our customers are very different to those passed to you for other manufacturers.

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