Novomatic 553S – Remote Control Garage Door Opener

Garage door automation has never been easier

The Novomatic 553S opener is designed for up and over and sectional garage doors. The ultra-reliable, near silent belt drive operator incorporates a courtesy light and internal quick release. The opener can be enhanced with extra handsets, mini wall mounted push button controllers,

key switches and coded keypads.


Novomatic 553S
…one powerful automatic unit suitable for sectional and up & over garage doors.

Novomatic features at a glance:

700N max push/pull force
Simple operation
Soft start and soft stop function
Integrated shutdown stopping device and electronically monitored push-up safeguard
Adjustable opening time from 10 to 240 seconds
Programmable inside lighting and connectable outside lighting
Two hand transmitters included as standard
Power economiser
Manual quick unlocking device in case of power cut etc.

It runs and runs and runs
The wear resistant top-quality toothed belt rail ensures quiet and smooth running and long-term, reliable garage door operation. The toothed belt is reinforced on the inside with fivefold steel cables, oil and acid resistant and completely maintenance-free.

Practical – which ever way you turn it
The flat operator head of the Novomatic can be turned by 90° or 180° if required. This saves up to 15cm space when the slide-in depth is, for example, reduced due to a wall construction. The operator track does not have to be additionally shortened either.

Programming made easy
Novomatic can be conveniently and easily programmed with three buttons and a concise 7 segment display. No setting can be overlooked during programming thanks to the systematic menu navigation. All settings are infinitely saved, even in case of a power cut. The operating state is always recognisable through the transparent cover. Clear error coding allows for a quick and safe fault analysis if required.

Novoferm Novomatic 553S PDF

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