ECE Headquarter, Hamburg, Germany

Headquarter ECE
Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG

Construction Completed
2009 Architect Dipl. Ing.

Ansgar Beinke






The new Headquarter of the ECE-Group was built in the heart of Hamburg’s Popenbütel. It is built true to the ECE-concept – to build shopping malls on already urbanised areas of inner cities to bring back life to the inner city. The new building of the architect Ansgar Beinke is exactly adapted on the existing topography and it is surrounded by major roads, train lines and shops.

Novoferm Solutions

  • Tubular frame doors, Fuego light T30, one leaf, with smoke protection
  • Fire proof T90 and T30 doors with one or two leafs
  • Multi purpose doors MZ 53 with one or two leafs
  • Fire proof sliding doors SKE 1, T30, one leaf
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