Garage Doors Automation

We have a wide range of automatic doors to suite any home.

Choosing The Right Gear Type

Novoferm offer ranges of Up and Over doors operating in different ways. Depending on your preference and the physical characteristics of your garage, some types of operation may be more suitable for you than others. The information here will give you an insight into the choice of operating mechanisms and their features.

Canopy Gear
The canopy gear allows the door to travel in vertical tracks and is counterbalanced by an overhead torsion spring. In the open position, the door projects from the opening approximately one third of the door height, forming a canopy. Available in 54mm and 70mm frames.

Retractable Gear
The retractable gear allows the door to be retracted fully, inside the garage when open, by means of horizontal overhead tracks supported by wall or ceiling mounted suspension brackets. Available in 54mm and 70mm frames.

A Stylish
Complimentary Handle

The functional and clean lines of the ‘D’ handle makes it the handle of choice for Novoferm Up & Over garage doors.

Alternatively, if you are purchasing an insulated sectional door, our traditional anodized aluminium ‘T’ handles are available.

Garage Door Automation

Reliable, low maitenance remote controlled systems

Making Life
That Little Bit Easier

Novoferm Remote Control Systems offer reliability, low maintenance and, thanks to built-in DC motors, extremely quiet operation. Whether your door is a Steel Up & Over or an insulated Sectional Garage Door, automatic force monitoring ensures a high level of safety and security.

  • Automatic stop and reverse on contact with obstruction
  • Not much room? Drive unit fits at 90º or 180º
  • Enhance your system with extra handsets, keypad controls and key switch operation
  • Manual keypad entry systems, a great solution for multiple users.

  • Remote transmitters can be unobtrusivley positioned in you vehicle.

  • Weather protected LED exterior lighting for installation under the garage lintel.

  • Sectional Novoport Operator

    You will never to need to open your door by hand again

    Exclusive Convenience

    If you are renovating your garage, you don’t just want it to look better, but to also make it more convenient to use. With the integrated NovoPort® system you’ll never have to get out in the rain again, to open your garage door by hand.

    The NovoPort® garage door and operator are perfectly matched and certified by independent institutes in accordance with the latest safety guidelines. Giving you the comfort of maximum security and top quality, with a 5 year guarantee on mechanics and motor included!

    NovoPort® features at a glance

    • Quick and easy operation via hand transmitter or push button, key button or coded key pad, mounted to the garage wall
    • Soft start and stop functions
    • Completely safe against scanning due to automatic signal decoding
    • Simple programming via menu-guided control with LED display. Integrated fault diagnosis system facilitates potential service work
    • Connectable to garage outside lighting up to max. 500 Watt
    • Power saving. Only requires 4 Watts whilst on standby

    Retractable Gear
    The NovoPort® operator system not only offers maximum convenience during operation, but also during installation. After all, it is not fixed to the ceiling like conventional operators, but simply integrated into the side garage door track – either on the left or the right depending on the structural conditions. Therefore no ceiling assembly is required and any installation problems are ruled out from the outset. All structural components are pre-assembled in the factory and dimensionally accurate – simply insert them together and voilà!

  • The operator can be mounted in the right garage track, the control on the right garage wall…

  • … or directly next to the garage door in the area of the side rebate.

  • An optional cable extension can be used in case of a fitted side rebate, e.g., through a side door.

  • All the installation variants shown in illustrations 1–3 also apply for the left garage door side.

  • Features and benefits

    Unique technology with flexible side mounting for Novoferm Sectional garage doors The NovoPort® operator system not only offers maximum convenience during operation, but also during installation.

    Novomatic Operators

    One powerful automatic unit suitable for sectional and up & over garage doors

    The Novomatic 553 operator is designed for up and over and sectional garage doors. The ultra-reliable, near silent belt drive operator incorporates a courtesy light and internal quick release. The opener can be enhanced with extra handsets, mini wall mounted push button controllers, key switches and coded keypads.

    It runs and runs and runs
    The wear resistant top-quality toothed belt rail ensures quiet and smooth running and long-term, reliable garage door operation. The toothed belt is reinforced on the inside with fivefold steel cables, oil and acid resistant and completely maintenance-free.

    Practical – whichever way you turn it
    The flat operator head of the Novomatic can be turned by 90° or 180° if required. This saves up to 15cm space when the slide-in depth is, for example, reduced due to a wall construction. The operator track does not have to be shortened either.

    Novomatic Features at a Glance:

    • 700N max push/pull force.
    • Simple operation.
    • Soft start and soft stop function.
    • Integrated shutdown stopping device and electronically monitored push-up safeguard.
    • Adjustable opening time from 10 to 240 seconds.
    • Programmable inside lighting and connectable outside lighting.
    • Two hand transmitters included as standard.
    • Power economiser.
    • Manual quick unlocking device in case of power cut etc.

    Programming made easy

    Novomatic can be conveniently and easily programmed with three buttons and a concise 7 segment display. No setting can be overlooked during programming thanks to the systematic menu navigation. All settings are infinitely saved, even in case of a power cut. The operating state is always recognisable through the transparent cover. Clear error coding allows for a quick and safe fault analysis if required.

    Features and benefits

    Vertical tension spring for sectional garage doors. Easy to install, and requires less space. Doors close to perfection.

    Novoferm is now supplying iso 20 and iso 45 sectional garage doors in widths up to 3000mm and heights up to 2750mm with a standard vertical tension spring system.

    It is against the law to install a power operated garage door in the UK without complying with The Machinery Directive. To comply with the Machinery Directive both the door and the operator used in the Installation must have a declaration of Incorporation from the manufacturer.

    On completion of the installation the Installer must provide a Declaration of conformity and apply a CE mark giving details of the installation (as example) to the door / operator combination, which is now classed as a machine.

    The Installer must issue to the Customer a declaration of conformity on the completion of the installation.

    The Installer must hold copies of both the Declarations of Incorporation and the Declaration of Conformity on a technical file for inspection by the relevant authorities.

    If any of the above requirements are not fulfilled the Installation is illegal.

    Please ensure for your own safety and peace of mind that whoever installs your electric operator is both willing and able to fulfil these requirements; if they are not – do not use them!!

    Members of the DHF Garage Door Group CAN and WILL install your Novoferm operator safely and legally.

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