Novo Speed Alu

The Novo Speed ALU combines the advantages of an aluminium rolling door with those of a high speed door.

Components and Construction

As a complete exterior door this door is weather-proof, protected against forced entry and has an insulated door leaf. The door opens and closes at a speed normally only achieved by rapid action roller doors. The door is therfore highly suitable for intensively used exterior openings.


  • significant cost savings because now only one door is needed
  • solid and self-supporting frame construction
  • by using a drive with frequency control the door opens smoothly and the time in the open position is reduced to a minimum
  • the door leaf is balanced by springs in the guide columns
  • slats can be simply replaced
  • resistant to wind pressure to 8 Beaufort
  • low maintenance costs with simple technology and an easily accessible construction
  • safe through the use of photocells and closing edge protection
  • available in the RAL colour required
  • application of transparent slats is possible


The door panel consists of pressed aluminium strips with PVC guide pieces on the ends. Between the strips there is a PVC profile that prevents the strips from rolling onto each other when the door is opened. These profiles also ensure a major reduction of noise when opening and closing. A tensioning system in the columns ensures that the door panel is balanced and remains taut.

The lateral guide consists of galvanised steel columns. The slats are pressed aluminium. These can be supplied in any RAL colour (powder coating). The profile between the strips is soft PVC.

Min. width 1500 mm
Max. width 6000 mm
Min. height 2000 mm
Max. height 6000 mm
Lateral space at drive side 700 mm
Lateral space not drive side 200 mm
Headroomapprox. 700 mm
Fitted depth 900 mm
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