Novo Speed Economic

The Novo Speed Economic is a high speed door with electric drive. Applications are in industry and public utilities with interior openings. Functionality includes energy saving, draught exclusion and climate control.

Components and

The Novo Speed Economic is a door without balance springs, consisting of an electrically driven door curtain rolled up on a roller above the opening. The door curtain is made of horizontal sections of polyester-reinforced PVC. The sections are fitted with aluminium reinforcement profiles. The door curtain has a transparent PVC vision section between approx. 1000 and 2000 mm from the floor. On the underside of the door curtain there is an aluminium bottom beam with rubber sealing profile. A U-shaped profile with brush seals ensures lateral guidance of the door curtain. The lateral guides are one unit combined with the bearing plates for the fastening of the roller and drive.


The lateral guide is made of two hot dip galvanised steel profiles with brush seals. These are removable for fast and simple installation and maintenance. The horizontal roller is steel. The bottom beam is aluminium. The door curtain is a 0.7 mm thick PVC with a polyester reinforcement inlay with vision section.

The door curtain is available in the colours blue (standard), orange, yellow, black, grey, red or white and is provided as standard with a vision section.

Max. width (W) 3000 mm
Max. height (H) 3500 mm
Max. surface area (W x H) 9 m2
Max. wind force 3 Beaufort
Lateral space not driven side 160 mm
Lateral space at the drive 290 mm
Lateral space at the drive for fitting min. 550 mm
Lateral space at side guide profiles 110 mm
Required space above 475 mm
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